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Why do you add vinegar to batter, borscht, or rice?

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Vinegar is one of the most common ingredients found in almost every kitchen. It is often included in baked goods, a little less often in borscht and boiled rice dishes. Consider why it is added.

Is vinegar added to borscht and why?

Vinegar is added to borscht and the main reason is that it enhances the color of the beets. Because of this, the soup has a richer and lighter red hue. This is especially useful if the borscht takes on an unpleasant red hue when cooking.

Vinegar can act as a flavor enhancer. If you add it in small quantities, it will improve flavor and aroma. Many people also like a little sourness in their borscht.

Why do you add vinegar when cooking rice?

Why do you add vinegar to batter, borscht, or rice?

These grains stick together easily when boiled and take on an unattractive yellowish color. Vinegar has strong bleaching properties. It makes the rice whiter. In addition, it helps to get rid of excess starch. The latter is responsible for the stickiness of groats.

Why put vinegar in the dough?

Vinegar is usually added along with baking soda. This results in a chemical reaction that loosens the dough. Vinegar also helps to make baked goods crispier and enhances their flavor. Therefore, it is often added to shortbread cookies and bread.

Sometimes vinegar is substituted for leavening agent. It affects only the consistency of the dough, often weakening the taste. Vinegar, in turn, can enhance the flavor, but it is more difficult to use as a leavening agent: the dough may simply not “rise” if the vinegar is introduced at the wrong time.

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