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The 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Oils for Cooking

The oil we use in cooking is actually the basic ingredient in everything we cook. We add oil to vegetables and meat before we...

Sugar substitutes based on polyatomic alcohols – pros and cons for diabetes

Sugar substitutes based on polyatomic alcohols are often labeled as the "best" for diabetes - but they can cause stomach upset. Despite this, consumption...

What seasonings and spices are added to the soup?

To make the taste of the first dishes more vivid and attractive, housewives add a variety of spices to soups, soups, broths. It is...

Top 30+ Tasty Foods That Can Replace Meat

The main provider of protein is abandoned due to fashion trends, medical, moral, ethical, hygienic and religious reasons. The debate between meat eaters and...

What seasonings and spices are added to ground meat?

To flavor, enrich the flavor of ground meat for pies, cutlets, dumplings, sausages, stews and many other dishes, spicy herbs and condiments are introduced...

Best foods in July: list of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs

As summer progresses, the harvest of fresh vegetables and fruits expands to include more varieties. During July and August, the seasonal menu is at...

Pumpkin seed oil and health: composition, effects and use in cooking and beauty

Pumpkin seed oil tastes great like nuts and adds a pleasant flavor to any dish. In addition, it is a generous source of antioxidants...

Omega-6 fatty acids: What they are and how they work + the best sources in food

Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for good health. Learn what they are, the best foods to eat for them, and the benefits of omega-6s.

Fish oil: composition, health effects, best sources in food and dietary supplements

Fish oil is a group of substances that are important for good health. This article includes lists of animal and plant sources, as well as information on composition, health effects, and safety.

Iron in food: health effects, risks of deficiency and excess

Iron is an important mineral for the body. Learn about its health effects, risks of deficiency and excess, and the main dietary sources of iron.

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