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13 Foods You Can Eat While Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Are you hungry? Looking for a snack that will make your tummy and baby happy? You probably hear this a lot:...

What is good for heartburn during pregnancy

During pregnancy you expect swollen ankles, morning sickness and breast engorgement, but what about heartburn? What causes it? As the name suggests, heartburn is characterized...

Signs of preterm labor

A preterm birth is when your body is preparing for labor very early in pregnancy and you give birth less than three weeks before...

Miscarriage bleeding: causes and symptoms

Conception bleeding is bleeding that occurs 10-14 days after fertilization, when the fertilized egg attaches to the inner tissue of the uterus. The movement...

Food poisoning during pregnancy

Food poisoning is the infection of the body by bacteria, viruses, or other parasites, which can contaminate food and water. Learn how to prevent food poisoning, how to get rid of it, and how it may affect your pregnancy.

Aspirin use in pregnancy

You should not take aspirin during pregnancy unless your doctor tells you not to. Because there is no data on what doses of aspirin...

Pregnancy planning: Health Checks to Have Before Becoming Parents

Pregnancy planning starts with understanding the medical health checks you need to have before becoming parents. Learn more about what your doctor will be looking for and when you should get them.

Aquaerobics classes for pregnant women: pros and cons of exercises in water

Do you want to strengthen your body during pregnancy? The article discusses the recommendations for aqua aerobics classes at different stages of pregnancy.

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