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Goal setting for students, children and young people

Remember when you learned how to set goals? If you have trouble answering this question, you are not alone! Most of us don't spend...

Challenged children and their parents

Conflict between parent and adolescent is an opportunity for communication. Conflict arises from two different ways of looking at the same issue. Young people and...

Types of fun summer activities for childrens

Parents tried to make the pandemic easier for their children. Any technical rules and limits were almost off limits. We tried to keep them...

13 Foods You Can Eat While Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Are you hungry? Looking for a snack that will make your tummy and baby happy? You probably hear this a lot:...

How to help your child adapt to school: 7 expert tips

How to help your child adjust to school: 7 expert tips. For children and parents: tips to help them get used to the school routine more quickly.

Baby development up to one year: what do parents need to know?

A baby's first year is a very exciting and reverent period. But along with joyful emotions and happy moments, parents also experience anxious feelings....

What is the right way to teach your child to read?

Teaching a child to read without discouraging him is very important. And sometimes it can be difficult. We will tell you how to teach...

7 Mistakes first year of school parents make

With a first-grader comes new worries in the home: adapting to school takes up a lot of everyone's time and energy, and the day's...

What should a child eat before the age of 6 and later? A list of foods for every day

The best foods to give your child aged 6 or older. Learn about healthy and nutritious eating habits, what a child should and shouldn't eat, how to get your kids to eat well and more.

5 signs of bronchial asthma in young children

Asthma is the most common lung disease in children. Undiagnosed or poorly treated asthma in young children can lead not only to routine hospitalizations,...

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