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Types of fun summer activities for childrens

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Parents tried to make the pandemic easier for their children. Any technical rules and limits were almost off limits. We tried to keep them busy by binge-watching Netflix with them or enlivening family game night. There have been walks, bike rides and even tik tok video making. But let’s be honest, our teens got fed up with us before this started, and after balancing our own losses and attempts at virtual work at this point, parents are feeling pretty drained too.

The world is starting to open up, but we are far from normalcy – at least at home! Our young people have come out of months spent at home struggling with online school, not being able to spend time with friends, missing out on high school milestones and events, and in many cases, crippling their school success because they can’t work.

Unfortunately, for teens and kids across the country, many of the typical summer activities like going to camp or being a camp counselor, playing sports, or even many of the service projects can still be limited. Also, the cost of travel right now is astronomical, thus forcing many of us to still stay home – including limiting college visits for many high school students.

As parents of teenagers, you’re looking ahead to the coming months and probably feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what your middle and high school aged kids will do with their time. You need new ideas, resources, and more to keep this summer from being a complete disaster.

Let’s take a look at some of the best summer activities to keep young people happy, healthy and productive.

Family Activities

Types of fun summer activities for childrens

Summer is a great time to spend quality time together. Without the stress of school work and with fewer events on the calendar, you will likely have more opportunities to bond. Here are some strategies for creating family activities that your teen will enjoy.

  • Create family challenges : Organize a weekly competition, such as who can build the tallest card tower or the best sand castle.
  • Enjoy some quiet time together : Go on a family picnic and spend an afternoon watching the clouds. Or organize an old-fashioned family board game night at home.
  • Make eating fun : Whether ice cream Do it, Whether you choose the dinner options in turn, there are plenty of opportunities to turn meals into fun family activities. 1
  • Play with your child : Whether you throw water balloons at each other or dive upside down in a slip and slide, don’t be a spectator. Show your child that you are willing to get in there and have fun together.
  • Domestic Assistance
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During the school year, most young people are busy with homework and after-school activities. But during the summer months, they should expect to make some time to help with chores around the house.

This is something you can talk to your child about now, at the beginning of the summer. Make it clear what your expectations are. And find out which jobs they are most interested in taking on.

Cooking dinner for your family is a great way to keep your teens busy this summer. Assign them one night a week. Let them choose the recipe, do the preparations, even do the shopping if they can drive. And then prepare dinner for the family. This will be a huge relief, especially for parents coming home from work at dinner time.

Other tasks that young people can help with around the house are cleaning out cupboards or setting an activity day.

Youth Volunteers

Volunteering is a great way to keep your young people busy this summer. And the benefits can be huge. And it will help your child learn about unconditional kindness and the satisfaction of helping others.

Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills. And it can be a real resume parameter for college or future job searches.

Teaching young people respect, kindness and the importance of cooperation can be very difficult! These are all important to teach them during their formative years. One way to do this while keeping them busy is to volunteer.

Local libraries are a great place for your teenager to volunteer!

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Have your child call them and ask what is involved to sign up as a volunteer. Maybe this is something you can do with them or something they can do with a group of friends? Use your prompts in the most functional way.

Types of fun summer activities for childrens

Be Active Outside

Summer is a great time to relax, but it is also a great time to be active! You may not want your child to spend the summer on their tablet or video game system. So encourage them to spend some time outside to be physically active.

Suggest options for sports camps or exercise classes that might suit your young people’s interests. If they are not interested in sports, consider starting an exercise program together. Organizing a few family walks or going for a hike or run with your child is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and spend some time together.

A Job Can Be Found

If your child is old enough, finding a job is a great way to spend this summer time. They can learn valuable skills and start building an employment history.

You may think your child is too young to work. But the benefits of such an experience are considerable. It’s not a bad idea to consider this option on a part-time basis, if it suits him or her and if he or she wants to do so.

Your child may not know where to start looking. While they will need to take some initiative, helping them get started and asking around through your own contacts is a good way to support them in their job search.

Types of fun summer activities for childrens

Be Creative

Not every summer day will be sunny or suitable for the outdoors. Being outside all the time is also boring and tiring. But that doesn’t mean you should stop limiting your teen’s screen time. Think of other ways to keep your teens busy indoors this summer.

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Talk to your child about activities that might interest him or her. Maybe she would like to learn to knit, or a puzzle. There are some great building games for adults that you might want to suggest.

Other young people may enjoy reading a stack of books from the library. Some libraries have special summer programs for young people. You can make your child aware of the existence of these libraries.

Learn Something New

Summer can be a great time for older children to learn something new. While the idea of learning anything outside of school sounds like a real drag, some children enjoy learning and are really curious about certain subjects.

There are many workshops, internships and apprenticeships available to young people. It would be extremely beneficial to dedicate the summer to learning a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. This could be almost anything from learning how to change a flat tire to perfecting a specific craft.

The possibilities are endless and as they always say, “knowledge is power”. If your child is thinking of going to university in the next few years, they could put together a guide to the chores they need to know before they go.

Types of fun summer activities for childrens

Activities with Friends

It is important for young people to maintain healthy friendships. And sometimes, during summer vacations, a little adult support can keep these friendships active in the absence of school. Here are a few fun activities that young people can do with their friends during the summer months.

Allow your teens to spend time with their friends: you might be willing and able to offer to host a movie night, for example. If your child doesn’t see their friends often, encourage them to plan a few activities during the summer months.

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There are many opportunities for artistic youth. Consider enrolling your child for acting classes or music lessons. If your child is interested in painting, drawing or sculpting, look for classes that can improve your child’s skills. A young person who enjoys writing can enter poetry competitions or take community writing classes. The options are many.

Alternative Sports

If your child is not interested in traditional sports, explore alternative ways for them to get plenty of exercise. Cycling, dancing, martial arts, horseback riding and skateboarding are just some of the activities that might interest a young person who is not interested in an organized team sport. If your child is not interested in participating in a formal activity that involves exercise, encourage them to go for a walk every day.

Enjoy your vacation!

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