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Benefits of martial arts for children

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Martial arts can be used as a means to facilitate social interaction and values ​​such as respect, solidarity and responsibility, as well as to fortify self-esteem and confidence.

Far from belonging to the categories of violent sports, as they once could be, the martial arts have become synonymous with a fulfilling lifestyle.

The benefits of martial arts for the correct functioning of body and mind are incalculable. When parents wonder if their children should enter this world, the answer of specialists is unanimous: without a doubt.

Today, these disciplines are now part of many educational programs. Also, they also serve as instruments. These instruments help the little ones to develop and stimulate all their physical and motor abilities.

Benefits of martial arts for children

The benefits in detail

Any sport practiced on a regular basis, brings as first result an excellent physical form. The muscle tissues mature, and gradually advance in their strengthening.

In addition, martial arts respect the growth processes of children. We will thus manage to establish a delicate balance between the capacities specific to each age, but this sport will challenge them to always go further.

Respect as the main weapon of defense

This is not a silly hit-and-be-hit routine. Indeed, the main “weapons” of martial arts are indeed respect, the esteem of others and a lot of self-esteem. Thus, children learn to value the meaning of sport as a form of life.

Although it is a discipline that is practiced individually, teamwork is vital. Between martial art classmates, a spirit of solidarity will develop which is not necessarily found in all sports where teamwork is essential.

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Oriental culture at your fingertips

The development of means of communication has brought with it an almost global massification of knowledge. Through the internet, you can travel to any corner of the planet, without having to get on a plane.

People who practice Asian martial arts in the West have direct access to the cultural traditions of this region of the planet through the Internet. Moreover, the benefits are not only physical but also mental.

Benefits of martial arts for children

Discipline for life

Basic learning begins with wearing the correct uniform. You have to follow all the basic rules to the letter, such as greeting in the correct form or respecting the chronogram of daily training.

Discipline, which is understood as a set of rules or standards whose constant respect leads to the consecration of a result or an objective, goes further than sports practice in itself.

With the martial arts, order and method gain space in all areas of children’s development, from their relationship with their parents, to their way of studying. We promote the setting of short, medium and long-term objectives, as well as the definition of the best strategies to achieve them.

Work on self-esteem

Some children, from an early age, begin to show signs of low self-esteem and insecurity in their own abilities. Martial arts make it possible to confront these obstacles until they are beaten and overcome. Thus, the children begin to feel good about themselves and have achieved good results.

Martial arts and bullying

Unfortunately, there are many cases of children and adolescents who come home depressed and hurt, physically and psychologically. These are one of the symptoms of school bullying, which is a habit that has spread to schools.

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Some specialists suggest enrolling victims of harassment in karate, kickboxing or taekwondo classes. In addition, the rules for this type of activity indicate that you should not beat outside the gym. However, teaching them to manage effective techniques that allow them to defend themselves in extreme cases is not too much.

The first thing instructors teach is to avoid trouble. They also teach how to protect themselves by neutralizing their opponents, without causing damage. Thus, the victims of bullying will feel more secure and will have better self-esteem.

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