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Scientists have created “artificial” embryos without eggs or sperm

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The University of Cambridge has created “artificial” embryos from mouse stem cells that have a beating heart, as well as the bases of the brain and all other organs.

This is a major milestone and the most advanced stage of development achieved to date in a stem cell-derived model. The models are intended to help scientists better understand the mechanisms of embryonic development. To better understand these early stages, the team created mouse embryo models using only stem cells, without eggs or sperm.

They combined cultured stem cells representing each of the three tissue types in the right proportions and environment to promote their growth and interaction with each other.

The cells were eventually self-assembled into embryos with a beating heart, brain bases, and yolk sac!

Researchers noted that extraembryonic cells transmit signals to embryonic cells both through chemical signals and through touch to guide embryonic development.

Although the study was conducted in mouse models, it is hoped that the results will help to better understand why some human embryos fail while others continue to develop into healthy pregnancies.

In addition, experts suggest that they could be used to manage the recovery and development of artificial human organs for transplantation.

Scientists have previously reported the successful cultivation of a lamb embryo in an artificial uterus.

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Cambridge University.

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