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What is the right way to teach your child to read?

Are you going to teach your child to read? Think of different games of letters, syllables and words in advance. Buy an ABC book and be patient.

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Teaching a child to read without discouraging him is very important. And sometimes it can be difficult. We will tell you how to teach your child to read properly.

Getting your child interested in reading

If parents constantly read books, the child will eventually reach for literature. So it’s always worth setting your own example.

In addition, you should read books to your child from an early age. Of course, you should choose literature according to age. After reading you should look at the pictures, discuss the book. An older child should be asked more difficult questions about the plot and actions of the characters. You can ask your child to make up a story or a fairy tale.

All of this will help to enthuse your child to read.

When to start

When to begin

You should begin to teach reading when the child talks well, answers questions, can talk coherently about the past day or event, maintains a conversation, and can sit still for a short time and listen attentively.

The most common time to start school is at age 4 or 5. But everything is individual. Someone matures later, and someone at the age of three is trying to identify letters by himself.

The main thing to remember: teach gradually, use special primers and alphabets, teach the child while playing, do not engage in long, because the child can not concentrate on one thing for a long time.

Teach slowly

You don’t want to rush and rush to teach letters and syllables in a short time. It is better to teach slowly.

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First show the letters, name the sounds. When the child learns a few letters, you can look for them everywhere. For example, in the names of stores. Or put letters out of sticks, molded from plasticine or dough. It will be interesting, fun, and the child will learn new information faster during such games.

Has your child learned the letters? It’s time to move on to learning syllables. Cubes or cards with syllables will help. Here, too, it is important not to rush. Your child needs to understand and understand that you can make syllables out of letters. This period of learning can be quite time consuming.

And then you can move on to words. The first words should be very simple and consist of the same syllables. Gradually you can complicate and choose longer words.

You can choose from a variety of alphabets and primers for learning. The alphabet will help consolidate the letters with pictures, interesting short poems. And letters will consistently teach your child to combine letters into syllables, and syllables into words.

Helpful Tips

When teaching a child, you should praise him more often. But it is not necessary to scold. The learning process should arouse interest and enthusiasm. If you put too much pressure on the child, in a few weeks he won’t want to learn letters at all, or even just listen to books.

A child remembers slowly, so it’s worth repeating what you’ve learned more often. But do it not in the same way and not in a boring way. It is worth constantly coming up with different games.

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If the child wants to write letters, let him write printed ones. There is no need to teach him how to write, he will learn it at school. But it is very useful to develop fine motor skills.

Teaching a preschooler to read should take place in a playful way, regularly, but not longer than 10-15 minutes.

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