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Useful properties of sushi and how not to turn them into junk food

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Once upon a time, when dishes of Japanese cuisine only began to gain popularity in our country and you could try sushi and rolls only in a restaurant, they were positioned as a healthy and tasty food. However, at that time it was not just marketing. Sushi and rolls, close to their classic Japanese version, are indeed healthy. But years of adapting to the tastes of Russian residents have turned the laconic Japanese dishes almost into fast food. However, there is still a chance to make them healthy, or at least find them on restaurant menus.

Choosing what’s more important to you–taste or goodness

Rolls and sushi

Everyone needs to determine their priorities right away. The fact is that many people consciously choose unhealthy but tasty food when they order sushi. Of course, in this case we are not talking about everyday consumption of rolls with cheese and Japanese mayonnaise, but sometimes you can treat yourself. This way, without going beyond the norm, you can turn the so-called unhealthy food, if not healthy, then at least safe.

But not everyone is willing to eat their favorite rolls once a month, a week or three weeks, a safe schedule everyone chooses for themselves. Some people consider Japanese food their favorite food and choose to eat that kind of lunch or dinner. But even in this case, there is a way out. True, from the heaviest versions of this dish still have to give up sometimes.

Despite the huge number of new sushi recipes, which, by the way, are the development of chefs in Russia, America and Europe, in the menus of restaurants still remain the original Japanese positions, or at least as close to them as possible. Therefore, there is always a chance to choose really healthy rolls.

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Consider these options for ordering Sushi delivery. If the benefit for you remains in the first place:

  • Classic. Small rolls wrapped in nori leaves. Their main feature is a minimum of ingredients, but a beautiful, rich flavor. The secret of these rolls is rice; before cooking, it is mixed with a mixture based on rice vinegar and other ingredients.
  • Vegetable Covered Rolls. In this case, the nori leaf replaces the cucumber or avocado, the filling consists of rice and fish, everything is simple and elegant.
  • Sushi. This is generally a model of simplicity and usefulness, only rice and fish, sometimes vegetables and seaweed can be used as decoration.
  • Guncans. This is one type of sushi. They are larger and more shaped like a pile, with rice, fish, and vegetables inside, and the pile itself is made of nori.

How not to make rolls unhealthy

Even the most complex rolls, which include cheese, mayonnaise, smoked ingredients, and they themselves are still fried in tempura or baked under the grill can not do the slightest harm to the body. The main thing is not to pass and drink water with the rolls. The same applies to seemingly safe variations, if even simple sushi washed down with cola, beer or packet juice, they certainly will not do any good.

How not to make rolls unhealthy

Since rolls are often a complex dish, it is very important how the ingredients in the ingredients combine with each other. But there is no way to forget about the drinks. Of course, you don’t always want to wash down your rolls with green tea or water, although this is the best possible recommendation. Sometimes rolls are part of a romantic or festive dinner and under them you want to drink some delicious alcoholic beverage.

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But if the question of usefulness still matters, out of all the variety of alcoholic beverages it is worth choosing a dry white wine, better still in combination with the simplest possible rolls. It will not be superfluous to make the alcohol even lighter, for this purpose it is worth adding ice to the wine, in the process of melting the ice turns into water and the alcoholic notes will be less noticeable.

But when it comes to ordering rolls for the holiday table, it is better to choose positions with the simplest composition. The fact is that if the rolls stand on the table for a long time, the cheese caps, tempura and other similar components will start to spoil, and the appearance will not be the same.

For most people, rolls are primarily a favorite treat that shows up on the table for some occasion. So it doesn’t always make sense to make this dish healthier and deny yourself the pleasure. It is likely that your body will benefit already because of the pleasant emotions that arise in every person when he eats a favorite dish. Also, one of the rules of healthy eating is self-restraint, if you do not overeat, even the most caloric meal will not make you feel worse. Order delicious rolls and other dishes to give joy to yourself and your loved ones. You can do it every day, because every day is already a reason to be happy.

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