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What seasonings and spices are added to pasta

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A skillful pasta cook is able to prepare many different dishes, skillfully using different spices. In this case, it is necessary to observe the right combinations and be sure to know the measure, because such additives can not only decorate, but also completely spoil the dish if there is too much of them.

The basic composition of spices for pasta

Spices are seeds, parts of root, inflorescences or pods used to flavor or color food, giving it a spicy taste. In former times, only the very rich could afford black pepper, cardamom, turmeric and vanilla. Later spices became available to all and became very popular among gourmets. They are considered to be native to the East; Indians are able to eat rice for many days and the taste is not bored because of the variety of sauces in which various spices are added.

Pasta is also fertile ground for culinary experimentation. They are inexpensive, cooked quickly, give room for imagination, since they are sold in different shapes, the level of quality of the product for every taste.

Depending on the end result, different seasoning combinations or single ingredient additives are included in the dish.

Top 8 seasonings and spices for pasta


Curcuma for pasta

Curcuma gives a beautiful golden hue to pasta. The spice itself is extremely useful, relieves the first signs of depression, activates thought activity, improves mood, has an anti-inflammatory effect. The taste is bitter-bitter, added to almost ready meals on the tip of a knife.

Black pepper.

Black pepper for pasta

Considered a versatile additive, suitable for gravy, noodles, mushroom and chicken mixes. Black pepper is useful for improving blood circulation, it increases appetite and gives spice and flavor to a dish.

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Dried garlic.

Dried garlic for pasta

Preserves all its healthy properties and bright aroma. Added to pasta and meat casseroles, pasta sauces. Capable of giving a new taste and smell to familiar products. Suitable for meat, fish, mushroom component in dishes where the main ingredient is pasta.


Oregano for pasta

The uppermost, delicate leaves of oregano are a great shade of flavor in many dishes. It is common to use so-called Provencal compositions for pasta, in which oregano is one of the main ingredients. Pasta as a side dish, seasoned with this bouquet of spices, goes great with a tender chicken breast in a creamy sauce.


Paprika for pasta

To be added both during cooking and as a decorative sprinkle on an already cooked dish. Has a spicy sweet flavor, delicate complex aroma, a spicy aftertaste. Types: sweet, semi-sweet, spicy, tender, delicacy. Enriches the product with useful substances, in particular a whole complex of vitamins. The pasta gets an original color shade and rich taste.


Dill for pasta

Used fresh chopped when serving. Easiest recipe: boiled pasta with dill and butter. Can serve as a separate dish or as a side dish.

Cinnamon and vanilla.

Cinnamon and vanilla for pasta

Sweet casseroles involving macaroni and cottage cheese cannot do without these spices. They give a delicate aroma, open up the flavor and combine perfectly with other elements for your favorite, such as ginger, nutmeg, lemon zest.

There are other options for spices that also go well with pasta, so not all possibilities are still uncovered, there is room to create author’s recipes. Only you need to remember that any spice requires a strict dosage and is put before cooking or before serving, because from a long heat treatment loses most of the flavor and aroma.

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