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How to choose an effective household water filter

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The quality of tap water leaves much to be desired. It is not safe to drink it – at least because it is treated with chlorine for disinfection. That is why the presence of a water filter in the city apartment – a must. In this material we tell you how to choose it.

Deciding on a filter

There are several types of filters on the market right now. The most common types are:

  • jug filter;
  • in-line;
  • reverse osmosis;
  • backbone.

Let’s break down each of these in more detail.


In brief, it is a plastic vessel with a special filtering section. There is no need to connect it to the faucet. It is enough to pour water into the device and wait for some time.

How to choose an effective household water filter

This is not the most convenient, but the cheapest option. It makes sense to buy it when there is no possibility to connect the device to the faucet.


Connects between the water outlet and the faucet. As a result, already purified water flows from the faucet. It consists of 1-3 sections with special cleaning materials inside. The liquid flows through them alternately.

More expensive than jug, but more convenient and effective. Provides good water purification, suitable in most cases. Not suitable only if water is too heavily contaminated (e.g. hardness above 7 °F).

Reverse osmosis filter (membrane filter)

Passes water through a special membrane, through which potentially harmful chemical compounds are unable to pass. In terms of connection is almost the same as a flow-through, but it costs more. There is another nuance – it takes time to purify water, the purified liquid accumulates in a special tank.

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Suitable for those who want the purest possible drinking water. Also provides an excellent level of purification in case of strong impurities, high hardness.


Similar in design to a stationary one, but installed directly into the water main, not in front of the faucet. It is good for removing mechanical insoluble impurities (sand, small dirt particles, rust) from water.

As a rule, such filters have only one purification unit. Because of this cleaning efficiency are not as good as stationary. But with their help you can achieve that clean water flows from all taps in the apartment or house, which is very convenient.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following points:

What to look for when choosing water filters
  • The dimensions of the filter. It should easily fit under the sink. It is necessary to take into account the volume of space under the sink.
  • Capacity. The more water you use in a day, the more powerful the filter should be.
  • Degree of purification. It varies from model to model. The dirtier and worse the water is, the higher the degree of purification should be. The most effective purification is provided by membrane filters.
  • The quality of assembly and components. It must be perfect, so it is better to buy a filter from a well-known manufacturer. Otherwise, there is a risk of leakage – even if the equipment is properly installed. Also in the case of quality problems, there is a chance that the filter will not last long.

Well, of course, it is necessary to proceed from the available budget. Trying to save money as much as possible is not worth it – very cheap models may have flaws or defects. If you have limited funds you should start with at least a mid-budget segment. There you can find decent models that will work properly and will last more than one year.

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