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Vaginal candidiasis as a sign of pregnancy: truth or myth?

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All women faced with a delayed period fall into two groups – those who feel joy, looking forward to other signs of pregnancy, and those for whom it is “like a snowball’s head”. Both cases are united by the desire to know the result as soon as possible, to find out whether it was conceived. Sometimes women who do not know whether they are pregnant or not, are faced with thrush, or vaginal candidiasis. In this article, we will talk about whether you can consider thrush as a sign of pregnancy.

What is vaginal candidiasis?

Molluscum is commonly referred to as an infectious and inflammatory disease accompanied by lesions of the mucous layer lining the vagina, caused by members of an opportunistic and pathogenic fungal flora, the yeast-like fungi belonging to the genus Candida.

In 2015, scientists from the Tyumen State Medical Academy published a paper concluding that the incidence of vaginal candidiasis in pregnant women is about 30%, and up to 40% before delivery (this is 3-4 times more common than in non-pregnant women).

In some cases, thrush occurs as an asymptomatic candidiasis. However, more often, there is an acute increase in the symptomatology. As a rule, the first place in the clinical picture is occupied by a curd-like discharge from the vagina, which is moderate or profuse. There is also the appearance of a whitish plaque on the mucous membrane of the vulva and the vaginal walls.

Sometimes small blisters may form on the surface of the labia, the vaginal fornix, and painful erosions may remain after they open. The mucous membranes themselves are slightly edematous and hyperemic.

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In the vast majority of cases, a woman complains of burning and itching sensations in the genital area, which become stronger at night, after hygiene procedures and intercourse. Sometimes there is an unpleasant odor from the genitals.

The dangers of vaginal candidiasis during pregnancy are increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and many other undesirable effects.

Can thrush be an indication of pregnancy?

Could thrush be an indication of pregnancy?

The development of vaginal candidiasis is by no means a typical sign of early pregnancy.

However, in some women it can occur only a short amount of time after conception. What does this have to do with it?

First of all, at the onset of pregnancy begins active production of progesterone, produce proteins that depress the immune system. This happens so that the body of the expectant mother does not reject the fetal egg. As we know, a decrease in immunity is one of the key points in the development of thrush.

In addition, during pregnancy there is an accumulation of glycogen-containing epithelial cells in the vagina under the influence of estrogen. If the number of lactobacilli decreases, the breakdown of glycogen slows down, creating a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

The above can lead to the development of vaginal candidiasis even in early pregnancy.

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