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“Quiet firing is good for performance, scientists say

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While everyone is criticizing Generation Z for the new trend of “quiet firing,” scientists at West Timioara University say this approach is actually good for the job.

“Quiet quitting” is a trend in which Generation Z workers stay on the job but perform minimal tasks to avoid emotional burnout. This trend has received considerable criticism from experts.

A new study suggests that this trend may actually help employees do their jobs better: micro-breaks increase energy and reduce fatigue. In the study, researchers looked at 22 previously published studies on the effects of micro-breaks – short breaks of up to 10 minutes. Assignments in the studies varied, but included simulated work, real-world work tasks and non-work-related cognitive tests.

The nature of micro-breaks also varied, including physical breaks, relaxing activities, and more engaging tasks such as watching videos. Analysis of the studies showed that, in general, micro-breaks resulted in increased alertness and decreased fatigue. Although micro-breaks in the workflow did not appear to affect performance on tasks, the researchers also found that longer breaks had this effect.

“The length of the break was a significant covariate of the effect of micro-breaks: the longer the break, the better the performance,” the researchers wrote. This was especially true for creative tasks and clerical work. Based on the results, the researchers suggest that supervisors should offer their employees a combination of micro-breaks and longer breaks.

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West University of Timioara.

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