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Excess belly fat: what causes it and how to remove it?

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Excess belly fat is a big problem for men and women. And it is associated not only with aesthetic beauty, but also a serious danger to overall health. Scientists have noted that people with a “big belly” more often than others suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

For women, the girth of the abdomen should not exceed 80 cm, and for men – 87 cm. Overabundance negatively affects the internal organs and the state of the hormonal background. This article will talk about the causes of fat, as well as methods of getting rid of it.

What causes fat to appear on the abdomen

This problem affects women more often than men. In the male half of mankind fat deposits appear because of an improper lifestyle, namely the use of fast food, sodas, beer, and a complete lack of physical activity.

Excess belly fat.

Women have a “large” belly by nature. A fat reserve is needed so that the baby in the womb can develop normally and be under constant protection. But if a woman takes care of herself and exercises regularly to keep her abdomen toned, the fat layer will not appear and the skin will remain firm.

But these are not all the reasons why fatty deposits get bigger. The complete list looks as follows:


As people age, their natural metabolism begins to deteriorate. That’s why after the age of 30 the chance of gaining excess weight is noticeably higher than at 20.

Poor nutrition

Consuming a lot of sugar, flour, and fast food provokes fatty tissue deposits. But there may be more to it than that. If a person abuses unbalanced diets, it is possible to achieve the opposite effect of weight loss. For example, if there are not enough carbohydrates, then the body will begin to accumulate fat.

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Hormone problems

Thyroid disease is often the cause of disruptions in the function of many internal organs. Fatty tissue growth can also be triggered by hormonal disorders. It is very difficult to reduce weight until the primary cause is treated.

Frequent stress.

Nervous situations provoke excessive production of stress hormone. It causes the brain to receive signals that fat should be deposited. Even if a person eats right and exercises, but is often stressed, the abdomen will still begin to increase in size.

Sedentary lifestyle

If a person stops exercising and rarely gets up from their desk or couch, there is a 95% chance that they will become overweight. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects digestion and metabolism. If your work involves frequent sitting in one place, it is recommended that you go to the gym twice a week. The body will be toned and the risk of obesity will go down.

How to get rid of belly fat

To begin with, it is worth knowing that dieting alone will not be enough. The excess weight may go away, but the fat deposits will still remain. That is why it is necessary to fight the problem comprehensively.

How to get rid of belly fat

Below will be written a sample instruction for getting rid of fatty deposits.

Choosing the most comfortable weight

This point is based entirely on the personal preferences of the individual. The main thing is not to make the weight too small. If a person feels that it has become difficult to bend to the ground, and a little walking causes shortness of breath, then by all means it is necessary to lose the extra pounds.

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Choosing the right diet

The diet must be chosen correctly, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular person’s body. If the choice is difficult, it is recommended to contact a professional nutritionist. He will choose the most balanced diet, which will bring the body only benefit. A person should completely give up flour products and fast food, and also reduce sugar intake as much as possible.

More movement during the day.

The more one eats, the more active one needs to move. Walking not only helps to burn calories, but also strengthens muscles. If the workplace is not far away, it is better to walk to it without using transport. The same applies to taking the elevator.

At lunchtime, it is recommended to eat light meals. For example, a salad, vegetable soup, or boiled meat.

Performing Physical Exercise.

There is no way to do without exercise. Exercises can be performed not only in the gym, but also at home. Especially effective is the exercise “Bicycle”. To do it, you need to lift your legs up and start spinning the “pedals”.

Surgical methods

If the problem is too advanced or if a person does not have time to lose the fat on his or her own, he or she can turn to reconstructive surgeon.. He will help return the body to its former shape. If a person has lost weight on their own but still has unpleasant skin folds, a visit to aesthetic surgeon.. It will restore the skin’s elasticity.

The articles on this site are for information purposes only. The site administrators are not responsible for attempting to apply any recipe, advice or diet, nor do they guarantee that the information provided will help or harm you personally. Be cautious and always consult a doctor or nutritionist!

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