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What is lavender oil? What is lavender good for?

Lavender oil is a natural remedy used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It's also useful for treating acne, burns, hypertension, and dry skin.

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Hello everyone! I am again in a peaceful place full of abundance and fertility. I came to Isparta for roses and stayed for lavender. I wanted to tell you about lavender. What is lavender? What is lavender essential oil good for? We answer all these questions together!

What is Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender, like rose, is one of the medicinal and aromatic plants that have been used for healing in every dimension throughout human history. It is also frequently used in aromatherapy due to its numerous benefits.

In fact, there is a story like this; Gattefosse, a French chemist who gave the name “aromatherapy” to aromatherapy; while doing research in his laboratory, he dipped his hand into a container of water to relieve the pain of his burning hand and realized that the pain suddenly passed. He realizes that what he thought the pain was relieved with water was actually lavender essential oil. And the lavender essential oil that Gattefose, who gave aromatherapy its name, accidentally put his hand in.

Lavender is an essential oil that can be safely used by everyone from 7 to 77, from babies to the elderly, from the sick to the puerperal. Lavender plant is a very useful plant used in phytotherapy due to its relaxing effects, in botany to repel mosquitoes and garden pests, and especially by organic farmers to prevent harmful insects and pests from coming to their plants.

There are Different Types of Lavender

One of the things you need to know about lavender is that there are many different types of lavender. There are 6 types of lavender that we know, that we use in aromatherapy. However, since the public does not know this very much, they may be using lavender with different effects for different things. There is lavender we call hybrid lavender, there is herbal lavender called officinalis.

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Lavandula angustifolia is the real lavender that Gattefose discovered by chance and that led to the discovery of aromatherapy. When we talk about lavender for relieving pain, facilitating falling asleep, treating wounds and burns, we always talk about Lavandula angustifolia. And we know it by the leaves of the plant. The most common place in the world where this species grows is France.

Apart from these, there is a lavender derived from the black pepper, which we call Lavandula Stoechas. This is actually the black-eyed Susan, which is more common in rural areas in Turkey, in the Aegean and Central Anatolian regions. The flowers of the black-eyed Susans are different from lavender. The part of the lavender with the mauve flowers on the head is fatter and the flowers are closer to dark purple.

Lavender essential oil, which we call lavender essential oil, has soothing effects, while lavender oil extracted from black pepper has warming and stimulating properties on the contrary. Therefore, when using aromatherapy essential oils, if there is no origin and manufacturer on it; the product you buy to provide a benefit, you may experience many problems because you are using a wrong product.

There is no such thing as “I’m going to apply a lot of this, it’s natural”!

Dear friends, the origin of pharmaceutical science is already plants. For millions of years in the world, people have been getting healing from plants when there was nothing, that is, when there were no medicines. There are molecules in plants. Tons of lavender plants are steam distilled for the essential oil of lavender, which we see as a medicinal plant, an innocent plant.

As a result of that steam distillation, certain liters of very dense, very concentrated lavender essential oil is obtained. And it is put into a small 10 ml bottle. So, that high, chemical dose of tons of lavender plants goes into a small bottle. Therefore, dosage information is very important. I mean, just like medicine, it needs to be used in the right dosage.

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If you say, “Let me rub this lavender all over me”, it can have different interactions. For this reason, we always dilute these essential oils in aromatherapy. We do this dilution process with odorless vegetable oils, which we call odorless base oils (almond oil, apricot kernel oil, etc.).

Three of these six types of lavender are more soothing. It has wound and burn healing properties.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing method

What is lavender oil? What is lavender good for?

Holism means that an oil has an effect on your physical body, mind, spiritual, emotional and energy body. Because we are not only living beings with a physical body. We also have emotional, mental and energy bodies. The Eastern approach is holistic, even though the Western approach doesn’t know this very much.

Aromatherapy provides you with holistic healing. Why did I tell you this? Because you can use a lavender essential oil for any physical complaint (acne, pimples, inflammatory conditions, excessive sebum production, etc.). However, of course, you should follow the usage and dosage information very well.

If there is dandruff on the scalp, hair loss and lifelessness, cellulite problems, digestive complaints, it is also very effective.

How you use it is very important!

For such complaints, you need to use different applications. However, some of them require a very specific use. Therefore, if you are not familiar with their use, I recommend that you do not use them on your own. We talked about the physical dimension, but how do aromatherapy oils work on the emotional and spiritual dimension?

Let’s give an example of lavender oil… We said acne, we said inflammation. What we call inflammation is an inflammatory condition, there is heat. Lavender is a good antipyretic. Because it is antipyretic, it is also a good fighter against viruses and bacteria. In summer, it protects against insects and mosquitoes. On a physical level, we said it is good for these things, so it is a cold oil.

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Then, it can also be effective in emotional and mental states of a warm nature. So, how? Anger, anger, anxiety are hot emotions for us. Even the face of an angry person is hot. Here, it is an oil that calms the really angry person, calms the mind, calms anger, soothes and cools. It also makes it easier to fall asleep. This is due to its pain relieving and nerve relieving effects. Here is the secret of its multidimensional functioning!

An aromatherapy oil can work in many dimensions. You use it for your acne, but your small intestine may be reacting with the acne because it is allergic to something. You put lavender essential oil on the pimple, and it can also eliminate the problem in the intestine that is allergic and causing the pimple. It’s really, really effective.

I have been interested in aromatherapy for about 15 years and the more I learn about its details, the more fascinated I become. For this reason, I want to bring it more into my life and I want to bring it more into your lives. I think that we should not rely on medicines for simple diseases and that we should always keep aromatherapy, especially lavender essential oil, in our lives to stay healthy.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil?

What is lavender oil? What is lavender good for?

In any acne problem, you can drop lavender essential oil on the ear stick and apply it directly on the pimple. The biggest problem of acne is the accumulation of bacteria. Therefore, you need to clean your face thoroughly. If you have an odorless face wash product; You can prepare an anti-acne face wash gel by dropping about 60 drops of lavender essential oil into 100 ml of odorless face cleansing gel.

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With this mixture, lather and wash thoroughly for 3 minutes in the morning and evening to ensure that it penetrates the skin well. After washing, wipe your face with rose water or lavender water as a tonic and then apply lavender essential oil directly on the pimples to fight acne. Moreover, when that pimple fades, it does not leave a stain behind.

Apply this morning and evening, until it takes effect. Nothing works miracles in two days, so I recommend doing it regularly. You can also use it as a body care oil by diluting it with apricot kernel oil or sweet almond oil. Dosage information is important here too. You need to add 30 drops of lavender essential oil to 100 ml of almond oil. This ratio cannot be used for babies or pregnant women, you need to use a lower amount.

This is a great product that relaxes you, makes it easier for you to fall asleep more easily in the evening, and if you have rashes on your body or pimples on your chest area, you will use a tremendous product with a soothing effect. I could go on for pages about lavender, but I think this is enough. I hope you liked my article. That’s all from me for today. Goodbye!

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