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Yoga for beginners: classical postures

Yoga is a special way of life in which there is no room for negative emotions. With what asanas does one begin the study of the Eastern practice?

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Yoga is a special practice that can change the normal rhythm of a person’s life. It is a whole philosophical teaching that can help you understand yourself. Yoga is about concentration, rethinking your life principles and habits, proper breathing and relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle.

If you have decided to study yoga, you should understand that it is not just a short-term hobby, but a special way of life, which involves a gradual rejection of some of the benefits of modern society. You have to rethink your life: your diet, your drinks, your habits. The most important thing that yoga teaches is to reject negative intrusive thoughts, which do not allow you to live life to the fullest.

Yoga is gymnastics for body and soul

Yoga - gymnastics for body and soul

Yoga involves special gymnastics that should be done every day. The yoga exercises (asanas) should be done in conjunction with meditation. They are of great benefit to both the physical and spiritual health of the individual.

The value of the practice is that with its help you can form a perfect figure, improve the functioning of internal organs, fill life with positive energy, which will help to overcome difficulties and see the positive meaning in everything that is happening.

Yoga lessons: health benefits

You can feel the changes after the first month of classes. Yoga is the practical steps to the treatment of all systems of the body: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and others. Performing certain asanas you massage the internal organs, which improves their work and normalizes the functioning of the body. Yoga lessons will help to correct your posture, eliminate joint pain and give you a graceful gait.

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Regular classes develop flexibility and plasticity. Yoga classes increase self-confidence, return peace of mind and harmony with the world. But the result will be only if you fully concentrate on how you feel. Daily worries and sad thoughts should not distract you.

How to prepare as a beginner?

How to prepare as a beginner?

Yoga involves some changes in your routine. First of all, buy a comfortable uniform and do regular stretching exercises. They will prepare the body for future work.

At the initial stage, you need to decide what time of day you will be exercising. Revise your daily routine, allocate a couple of free hours. It is better if it is morning – you will get a charge for the whole day. You will need a special mat and a small plaid.

  • Preparation should be daily. Good stretching is the most important rule for effective exercise. Don’t rush to do difficult exercises – you can pull ligaments.
  • Lie down on the mat, and in this position lift your belly. Do 10-15 lifts. This exercise will help eliminate back pain and strengthen your abs.
  • Stand on all fours, with an inhale lower your abdomen, simultaneously raise your head and look at the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your back, lower your head, with your gaze directed to your lower abdomen. Do this 10 times.
  • Lunge forward with one leg, pull your muscles well, and hold that position for up to ten seconds. After that, switch legs.

By doing these simple stretching exercises daily, you can prepare your body for classic yoga poses.

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Yoga poses: the first asanas

Yoga postures: the first asanas

The classical yoga postures are where every person who has decided to master the oriental art begins.

The first classical Ushtrasana: camel pose

Kneel down, feet hip-width apart. Take your hands back without much tension, all movements should be free. As you exhale, bend backwards, leaning on one hand with the other at the top. Do not fall backwards, do not sit on your heels. Stay like this for 10 seconds. Now switch hands and repeat all the movements.

Such yoga postures have a beneficial effect on the spine. This asana is aimed at stretching the abdominal muscles.

The second classic Utkatasana: chair pose

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Extend your arms up, keep them straight, palms facing each other. Slowly bend your legs at the knee joints, deflecting as if you wanted to sit down on a chair. Always keep your arms up in line with your torso. Stay in the chair pose for 20 seconds before you can straighten up.

These yoga postures strengthen the leg and trunk muscles. The body will become more resilient and stronger with regular asana practice.

The Third Classic Uttanasana: Bending Tree Pose

Perform asana in a standing position. Slowly bend down to your feet, now try to reach the floor. Your back is relaxed and your body should hang down easily and at ease. Don’t strain your neck muscles, keep your legs straight. Hold this position for 10 seconds. If you feel you can stand longer, extend the time.

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Such yoga postures are good for stretching the back and massaging the internal organs. The pose normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and increases the flow of blood to the internal organs.


Yoga classes are suitable for everyone, as long as there are no serious health problems. Yoga is contraindicated for people who have mental disorders or exacerbations of chronic diseases. If you have been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia, high blood pressure, heart disease, a stroke or spinal trauma, you should not resort to yoga. You should consult a specialist before practicing.

Yoga classes are contraindicated in cancer, after surgery. Oriental practices are not recommended for the flu – it can cause complications. It is worth waiting for a full recovery, so as not to harm your health.

Yoga involves silence and your total commitment. It’s better to practice barefoot, in complete isolation. You can turn on calm, pleasant music that evokes positive emotions. Believe in your strength, step on the path of Eastern practice and get ready for a change.

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