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Motorcycle helmet will filter out the most dangerous air pollution

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A motorcycle helmet that filters harmful emissions from the air has been developed at Shellios Technolabs, an Indian startup, with government support.

The scientists who developed the helmet say the filters it uses can remove PM 2.5 particles and other toxic vehicle emissions to which millions of two-wheeler drivers are directly exposed on Indian roads.

“Our helmet is equipped with patented air cleaning accessories, including a silent fan that draws air through a disposable high efficiency particulate matter (HEPA) filter membrane, and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Because the entire cleaning system is located in the back of the fiberglass helmet, it does not interfere with movement or visibility, but creates a clean, purified air space just behind the clear visor. The new 1.5kg helmet meets government safety and ergonomics standards and has been shown to reduce PM 2.5 particles and other outdoor contaminants by 80% under controlled test conditions.

New Delhi and Calcutta were ranked as the two most polluted cities in the world in a recent report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on Air Quality and Health in the World’s Cities. The WHO considers PM 2.5 particles to be the greatest environmental threat to human health.

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Shellios Technolabs.

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