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Scientists: social media-dependent parents are more likely to yell and scold their children

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Scientists: Social media-dependent parents are more likely to yell and scold their children

A University of Waterloo study in Canada found that moms and dads who spend too much time with their smartphones risk becoming bad parents.

Researchers found that those dealing with family stress often turned to social media for relaxation and distraction, but that, in turn, only made them grumpier and screamier.

They surveyed 549 adults who had at least two children between the ages of 5 and 19 about their use of digital media, mental health and parenting practices.

The study found that the more often parents used social media to avoid spending time with their family, the worse their parenting became. Negative parenting behaviors such as “nagging or yelling” were also more likely to increase when “technology interrupted family interaction.

A vicious cycle emerged in which parents with higher levels of stress were more likely to turn to their devices to relax.

However, not all parents used social media negatively, and researchers found that they could reduce anxiety and depression by maintaining friendships. This also led to “positive parenting techniques, such as listening to their children’s ideas and discussing the good things their children are doing.

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University of Waterloo.

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