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How to choose mascara by the shape of the brush?

Which mascara brush is better - fleece or silicone? How to choose the perfect mascara based on the shape of the brush?

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It’s often the case that how well a mascara blushes, lengthens, adds volume or separates lashes depends not so much on the product formula as on the brush – its shape, material, length and location of the bristles. Let’s see what brushes there are and how to find the perfect brush shape for your lashes.

Fleece or silicone?

First of all, brushes are divided into two categories depending on the material – they are tufted or silicone. The pile brushes can be considered classic – it is the traditional material, which is more common. The basic difference of brushes is in the way they draw and apply the coloring substance.

Silicone applicators pick up less product and distribute it in a thinner layer on the lashes. With such a brush, it is difficult to achieve a dramatic look the first time, so they give a more natural effect. Silicone brushes usually have larger bristles.

The frizzes, on the other hand, gain more product, so they appeal to women who like well-colored lashes.

Classic tufted brushes.

Classic tufted brushes

Fleece long brushes that taper smoothly at the top are a versatile option because they fit everyone. These products are usually a hit because they are one of the most comfortable options for everyday makeup. But they do have one nuance.

So, usually such brushes have short and tightly adhering to each other hairs. Because of this density, the brush slides over the lashes and the composition does not have time to fill the space between them. To get the mascara to work well on lashes, apply it in slow zigzag movements.

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First, press the brush to the roots, then slowly sweep it along the length of the lashes, giving them the desired shape. Hold the mascara on the tips to get a good hold on the lashes and to keep the curve in place.

With this shape of applicator you get a light daytime makeup: eyes become more expressive, but there is no noticeable volume, rich color or too long lashes – everything that is more appropriate for evening makeup.

Maximum lengthening.

Silicone straight brushes do the best job of lash extension. These brushes have split teeth, so they perfectly comb through the lashes from the roots. The applicator helps to lengthen lashes and give them volume from the first time.

Everyday makeup is easy and natural. Such a form is also convenient because it helps to cope with clumps of mascara, so it is chosen by those who like the effect of well-divided lashes. Besides, you can control the amount of mascara you put on.

If your goal is to get good color and lift the roots, then choose a brush with the same shape, but with thinner, almost translucent teeth. They’re the perfect coloring solution, with fluffy and separated lashes.

Tip! For an even application of mascara, choose a large brush. Unlike small brushes, it evenly distributes the product from the roots to the tips.

Small brushes leave most of the product on your roots and then distribute it along your length. This makes the roots look thicker than the tips.

Remarkable volume

Silicone or fleece brushes with long bristles are suitable for adding volume to sparse lashes. But a silicone brush usually gives the best volume. Why is this the case?

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Silicone brushes have a greater distance between the teeth, so they capture and color the lashes from all sides. In addition, these silicone brushes have a greater distance not only between the bristles, but also between the rows.

Between the rows, the coloring substance accumulates, which densely covers the lashes the first time. They turn out voluminous and expressive.



Curved brushes are the best way to curl lashes and give them a beautiful curve. This is ideal for short and straight lashes without a natural curve. If your goal is curve without volume (for everyday makeup), then opt for classic curved pile brushes.

Apply mascara in a slow, zig-zag motion. At the same time, first use the protruding side of the brush to lift the roots, then twist the brush and pull the paint all the way to the tips with the curved side. Hold the applicator at the tips to fix the curve. This brush shape and application technique gives the effect of fluffy curved lashes without dramatic volume.

If you need both volume and curve, then the best option would be a silicone brush, which due to the greater distance between the teeth blushes the lashes from all sides and thus gives them maximum volume.

Tip! If you have sparse lashes or grow unevenly, choose an applicator with bristles of different lengths: they capture both shorter and longer lashes.

The “figure of eight” shape.

A brush that resembles the shape of an “eight” is similar to the curved ones in that it helps to curl lashes without using a curler (forceps). These brushes come with longer or shorter frizzes, so they can both give volume and can provide lash coverage more easily.

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What is the difference between this shape and a curved tassel? Because it has no protrusion or trough, you can position the brush any way you want without having to twist it to fix the curve. In addition, these brushes have bristles that look in different directions, and because of this chaotic arrangement, they capture and thoroughly coat every lash from the roots to the tips.

Cone-shaped brush

Cone Shaped Brush

A fleece cone-shaped brush with a tapered tip helps you achieve volume and lengthening, while allowing you to accurately blur the short lashes in the corners of the eyes. In addition, it will please those who don’t like the glued eyelashes effect as the thin tip separates them well. Such a brush is convenient to paint the lashes on the lower eyelid as well.

Applicators with a round tip (or ball at the end) have the same effect. These balls are designed to highlight the lashes in the outer and inner corner of the eyes, as well as to pull them up to make the look more open.

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