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Can green coffee help you lose weight: scientific facts

What's in green coffee and is it true that it will help lose weight? Experts tell us.

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Lately, green coffee for weight loss is considered the best way to lose weight. Its fans talk about the mild taste of the drink, its healing properties and cite scientific studies confirming weight loss.

But isn’t there a “marketing trap” here? Is it true that green coffee can really help you lose weight?

What is green coffee

Green coffee beans, which can be seen as an expensive food supplement, are coffee tree beans that have not been roasted. They are obtained from the same tree as the regular ones. They can be of two varieties, robusta and arabica.

Green beans are not usually used to make coffee because they have a less pronounced coffee aroma and a more bitter taste. The color of the beverage made from it is also different – it is green, in contrast to the dark brown that we are all used to.

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Green coffee is found on the market in two forms: coffee powder, which resembles green tea in appearance and taste; and as a tablet containing concentrated green coffee extract.

What’s in the beans.

What's in the grains

Marketers prescribe many benefits to green coffee. Based on the fact that coffee beans are not roasted, they retain more beneficial substances. One such beneficial ingredient is chlorogenic acid. It is a powerful antioxidant whose concentration is much lower in regular coffee.

Green coffee also contains caffeine. Scientists have calculated that its concentration in unroasted beans can be as high as 17%. But much depends on the brand of the product, as well as on the way the beverage is prepared and the number of beans used.

Is coffee good for your health?

“Green coffee is high in chlorogenic acids, which act as antioxidants for the body,” says Rebecca Tonnessen, M.D. – However, any benefits of the drink must be confirmed by science. Many studies so far have only involved animals or a very small sample size. That’s why more research is needed.

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In 2011, researchers who published their findings in Gastroenterology Research and Practice concluded that studies demonstrating the health and weight loss benefits of taking green coffee had a high risk of bias and poor methodological quality. The experts reviewed five eligible studies, but none of them could be considered objective.

Therefore, scientific research on green coffee continues.

Will green coffee help you lose weight

Can green coffee help you lose weight?

Marketers have done an excellent job on the “image” of green coffee. They tell us that the drink, made from unroasted beans, affects body weight in three ways:

  • Gives a prolonged feeling of satiety. If the ads are to be believed, green coffee contains chemicals that stimulate the production of hormones responsible for feeling full. After drinking the drink, they “kick in” and help you lose weight without dieting.
  • It has lipolytic effects. According to some reports, green coffee helps the body improve the regulation of fat metabolism.
  • Boosts metabolism. Marketers claim that chlorogenic acid, which is actually present in large quantities in unroasted beans, has the ability to speed up the metabolism and inhibit the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Allegedly, because of this, the body is forced to use its own fat reserves as energy, which contributes to weight loss.

However, the studies conducted are not so optimistic. And they show positive results only with diet and regular exercise, which fundamentally changes the case.

In a 2018 study involving 40 people diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, green coffee extract was combined with a balanced diet. And it actually helped the participants in the experiment lose weight. Participants also had better blood pressure, fasting blood sugar and insulin resistance. Participants took 400 milligrams of green coffee extract twice a day for eight weeks.

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Scientists warn that this study is only preliminary and further research is needed to confirm or refute the findings. And at this point, there is no objective evidence that green coffee works as a “cure.

But already people are taking this dietary supplement not only when they want to lose weight, but also for bacterial infections, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses.

Fact! United States National Library of Medicine experts warn that at this time there is insufficient evidence that green coffee can help in the therapy of any pathological condition.

How to drink green coffee for weight loss

How to drink green coffee to lose weight

Although experts have not identified the benefits of the drink for weight loss without dieting and exercising, green coffee can be included in your diet. It will make it more varied and will be a good incentive to continue your weight-loss efforts.

Take note of two recipes for making the drink!

Green Coffee with Ginger

Like green coffee, ginger is also famous for its “fat-burning” properties. Whether they help in practice, you can check by making this drink.

Pour a cup of water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Add 2 tablespoons of green coffee powder and again bring to the boil on low heat. Add to the water two centimeters of fresh ginger root, grated, and boil the coffee for 5 minutes. Leave the drink to infuse for 2-3 minutes, strain and drink hot.

Green Coffee with Milk

This drink will appeal to anyone who likes lattes. Milk will soften the bitter taste of coffee beans and make the drink pleasant. If you drink green coffee for weight loss, choose zero-fat milk.

Boil a cup of milk and add to it 1-2 tbsp green coffee. Stir until homogeneous, put the saucepan with the future coffee on the fire and sweat it for two minutes. Remove the drink from the heat and allow it to infuse for two minutes. If desired, you can add a little sugar.

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Green coffee is dried but not roasted coffee beans. Scientists have recently discovered that it has the ability to stimulate fat burning. Chlorogenic acid is responsible for this effect. When coffee beans are roasted, this acid is lost due to the temperature, but green beans retain a large amount of it.

The most useful is green coffee beans. It has a high content of antioxidants. These components are responsible for the removal of free radicals from the body and stand guard over our beauty and youth. They are much more than in the roasted version of coffee.

Green coffee has a chlorogenic acid content of about 10.9%. This acid is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and perfectly regulates human blood sugar levels. It can have a positive effect on our immune system and the condition of our skin.

In addition, chlorogenic acid reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. And this protects the health of blood vessels, which can have a positive effect even on the quality of vision. When it is regularly replenished in the body, metabolism is greatly accelerated and the energy supply increases.

Green coffee beans increase concentration without then causing the energy slump, tremors, and increased anxiety that is common in people with low coffee metabolism. Coffee also improves mental performance.

How to take green coffee for weight loss?

How to take green coffee for weight loss?

The main condition that affects the absorption of the product – a cup of drink should be on an empty stomach. You can take coffee in the morning or in the evening. This is a clear difference from black coffee.

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Also, don’t take pills, vitamins, or drink it uncontrollably. Any, the healthiest product without measure, can be harmful. For the fat-burning process the necessary daily rate of the product is three cups.

During the green coffee diet, it is recommended that:

  • Eliminate and/or limit consumption of sweets, fatty, and floury foods. This will help the body to start the fat burning process.
  • Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber, which controls satiety.
  • Drink enough clean water per day – from 1.5-2 liters.

Usually green coffee is drunk for one to two months, then take a break for 3 to 4 weeks.

Remember that you have to refuse to lose weight using green coffee people who suffer from insomnia, nervous excitability, high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

There is an opinion that green coffee can help you lose weight. First of all, it has a very low hypoglycemic index and the presence of a whole complex of nutrients in the composition of green coffee.

Green coffee contains fiber, pectin, B vitamins, vitamins C and P, amino acids, tannins, caffeine, wax, theophylline, tocopherol, and oils. The combination of these elements turns unroasted coffee into a very useful drink, which has an antioxidant and tonic effect on the body.

In addition, green coffee lowers blood glucose levels, boosts metabolism, improves lymphatic drainage and intestinal function. In general, it improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails as it has a powerful regenerating effect on the epidermis.

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which lowers blood sugar levels. As a rule, the body reacts to high blood sugar by increasing the production of insulin, which in turn leads to the synthesis of fatty acids, which are then deposited in cells.

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Accordingly, the more often the sugar level rises, the more insulin is produced, which causes fat depot formation and weight gain. Chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee affects metabolic processes in the body, reducing glucose levels.

However, you should not bet so much on green coffee alone, especially in the case if you are eating this coffee with dumplings and hamburgers.

Green coffee will work only in a complex therapy in tandem with a balanced diet, which will be macronutrient, so that the body gets everything it needs – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. This is necessary in order for all the biochemical processes in the body, including metabolism, to work. In this case, green coffee will stimulate the metabolism, and promote weight loss.


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