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Berries and fruits help you have whiter teeth

Berries and fruit in the fight for whiter teeth: which foods and pastes can help you do it

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British scientists have found out that in order to become the owner of an irresistible snow-white smile you just need to change your diet. And these changes will appeal to the vast majority of people. So what foods should be included in your diet and what foods should be excluded? All the answers are in this tip sheet from The First Doc..

What berries and fruits to include in your diet to avoid plaque on your teeth

According to scientists, making your 32 teeth whiter is quite possible without necessarily going to the dentist. To do this, you need to follow a certain menu, which includes the necessary products in your diet. Believe me you like this whitening for sure.

First, you should use hard varieties of apples, pears and carrots for snacks. They will not only remove plaque, but they will also freshen your breath. We don’t need to remind you that you should eat them without chopping and chewing. It is by biting and chewing that you help these foods remove not only plaque from your teeth, but also harmful bacteria.

All members of the citrus family are also effective for whiter teeth – the range of acids contained in their juice (pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid) performs the natural function of eliminating plaque.

By the way, a useful tip – if after consuming an orange, grapefruit or tangerines to pass another toothbrush, the effect will be more than evident. And also, you can wipe your teeth with a small piece of lemon or lime not only for whiteness, but also for a pleasant aroma – if you do it daily after eating, no dental whitening is required.

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And, of course, His Majesty the pineapple – a natural remedy for whitening teeth. Its juicy juice also wipes plaque off your teeth if you use it frequently. By the way, bromelain, an enzyme, is the main component of professional whitening products contained in pineapple.

And for dessert, the tastiest foods for whiter teeth are strawberries and strawberries! Thanks to the high content of ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) these berries successfully whiten your teeth.

The beneficial properties for the teeth of all of the above fruits have been used by humans for thousands of years, and many still use it in practice to promote the health of teeth and gums. This of course does not cancel the double use of toothpaste, but perfectly complements as the prevention of the formation of tartar and plaque.



Now we have a whole arsenal of whitening remedies and products at our disposal. But more than four thousand years ago, the Egyptian pharaohs whitened their teeth with a special paste of crushed pumice and fermented wine (vinegar). And Julius Caesar’s compatriots rinsed their mouths with goat’s milk and urine rinse, and there is nothing surprising about that, because someone happened to notice that ammonia has whitening properties.

Of course, forming a healthy diet for teeth is a good thing, but you should not put all your hope on these products alone. So we continue to brush our teeth twice a day (or more often!) in the mornings and evenings.

The White Diet.

So dentists call the diet in which they exclude from the diet all products of bright colors and products whose composition form plaque. Here is a complete list of what not to eat if you want to keep your teeth white:

  • blueberries, pomegranates, cherries, blackcurrants, black chokeberry
  • red wine
  • juices and carbonated drinks with coloring agents
  • Black tea and coffee
  • smoked goods
  • sauces and bright spices
  • instant soups
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